Transition to School

How we help our children move on successfully

Getting children ready…

  • Staff are always available to speak to parents
  • Key person and families work together and parents are encouraged to add to their child’s profile (family observations)
  • Staff meet with parents regularly to share assessments and children’s profiles (learning journeys)
  • Consultations are carried to discuss development
  • Staff make referrals if necessary i.e. speech therapy
  • Staff inform parents about school enrolment deadlines
  • Staff chat with parents to help alleviate any concerns.

In the setting

  • Staff always talk positively about school
  • We read stories about going to school and we have made our own going to school book which the children take turns to take home to share with their families
  • During the summer term before the children are due to start School we hold a weekly special Rising 5’s session. These sessions are slightly more structured and they also incorporate P.E. session to help the children dress and undress independently
  • Staff accompany the children when they have their school visits.

Pre-school visit school often for the following events/activities: Christmas Concert, Sports Day, Library visit for story time, Friendship day, and other special events. We also use the school playground for listening walks. Reception class visit Pre-school for our Christmas Concert, we also do shared activities such as learning about sun safety and we grow potatoes together.

Links with School

  • Regular meetings with Mrs Southgate (Reception Teacher)
  • We share information with Mrs Southgate informally and formally
  • We decide visit dates and induction dates together
  • We liaise between school and parents
  • We give out information about visits, uniform etc.
  • We complete transition forms and share and discuss with parents and Mrs Southgate.
  • Throughout the year we share resources for example; Pre-school borrow books, musical instruments and dressing up clothes
  • Reception have borrowed books and toys from Pre-school.

Links with other Schools

  • Teachers are encouraged to visit Pre-school to meet the child
  • Key person and teacher meet to discuss and share information.

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